Blogging Concepts – 4 Things you must know before starting blog

blogging concepts cover starting blog

Since the birth of the internet, millions of people sensed the roaring opportunity to establish their career on the internet. People from all over the world visit internet daily for different purposes like searching some information, posting on social media, downloading media files, writing and reading content on Q/A websites, etc. If you love writing and thinking about starting a blog then this article is especially for you. This article will help you to understand the giant field you are about to enter. Here are 4 things you must know before starting a blog.

Blogs and their Purpose

The Internet is a collection of billions of websites. There are different websites for different purposes like for entertainment, for shopping online (e commerce), for searching other websites.

There are websites which are only information based or content based, these type of websites are sometimes called ‘blogs.

Nowadays many businesses or e-commerce website also starting blog section to publish content about their goods and services. This method helps them to appear in search results and drives more traffic to their website which in turn creates more business.

Understanding the Terminology

People use the blog term to refer to a web source where content is published in form of an article or blog post. This process of content posting is known as blogging and person performing this task is referred as a blogger.

Choosing blog or website

You can always add a blog section to your business or e-commerce website to write about your products and services and marketing them through social media and other marketing platforms.

Same can be done with a blog website. You can anytime add products or services later on. That’s how was started. When I launched this website it had only few blogs on art and architecture then we expanded it and launched various products and services and formed a company.

Choosing your genre

A single person cannot write blogs on diverse topics simply because it takes a lot of time to do research and prepare content for a single blog. You won’t be able to post quality blogs if you are writing on many topics.

Therefore it’s my personal advice that you should not choose more than 7 categories when starting a blog. Choose topics which are trending like yoga, healthy fruits, web technology etc. Remember, these topics should be of your interest otherwise you will soon get bored. Select topics on which you can write easily and post regularly.

In the next blog we will see how to set up your blogging website and how to write quality content. Till then keep on learning with and dont forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated.


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